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A1CNow+ 20 Test Kits

The A1CNow+®™ System 20 Pack Kit (1 Monitor + 20 cartridges)

  • Incredibly fast quantitative A1C results in just 5 minutes

  • Ideal for face-to- face patient counseling 

  • 1 disposable multi-use monitor that fits in the palm of your hand

  • 20 single-use cartridges


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20 Pack Kit (1 Monitor + 20 cartridges)

The A1CNow+®™ System offers incredibly fast quantitative A1C results (in just 5 minutes) utilizing micro-optical technology that’s integrated into a proprietary reusable monitor with single use cartridges that is lab accurate at 99%. Immediate results allow the physician face-to- face counseling with their patient which may reduce their future A1C results. This incredible system utilizes a disposable multi-use monitor that fits in the palm of your hand along with single-use cartridges to help increase efficiency and reduce medical waste.

Each 20 pack kit comes with its own disposable monitor. After 20 tests the monitor runs out of chemistry and is no longer usable.

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