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PTS Detect Cotinine - 40 Test Kit

The only point-of-care device offering quantitative results from a fingerstick!
• 5 Minute Test Result
• Fingerstick Test
• Accurate and Reliable
• Reduces the need for confirmation tests
• Less than $9.50 per test!

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The PTS Detect™ cotinine system has innovated tobacco-use detection with a handheld device that offers specific, reliable, accurate and fast results at the point of care. Measuring exact cotinine levels from 25 ng/mL to 200 ng/mL cotinine (a byproduct of nicotine) in 5 minutes, the PTS Detect system substantially reduces the need for confirmation tests. All this from just a small fingerstick. All this at the point of care.
  • Accurate & Precise – The portable PTS Detect system provides results with similar sensitivity and specificity ranges as laboratory instruments.
  • Patient Friendly – Fingerstick test is perceived as less invasive than other traditional tobacco-use detection tests
  • Rapid Results – Portable device measures exact cotinine results in minutes providing opportunity for immediate smoking cessation consultation
  • Cost Savings – No phlebotomist, less confirmation tests, no shipping of specimens to lab
  • Easy to Use – Minimum training required
Results Indicate All Tobacco Use – PTS Detect cotinine systems measure levels from products that contain nicotine such as cigarettes, vapor cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco Perfect for the Workplace – Fingerstick collection can be done in conjunction with other onsite screenings

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